All co-orded up and nowhere to go! I don’t have a meetup to attend for a while but this hasn’t stopped me from putting together an outfit.

The wrist cuffs, ankle corsage, and head accessories are part of my marathon crafting session a couple weeks ago. I took inspiration from a couple BTSSB and Triple Fortune accessories. I’m particularly happy with how the head piece came out!

JSK: Angelic Pretty Symphonia Frill
Blouse: Offbrand, F21
Shoes: Bodyline
Ring: Automatic Honey
Accessories: Handmade, offbrand


artypunchi || Straight from the Art » Naoshi

I’ve just finished a marathon crafting session, and this bonnet is just one of the things that I’ve made. This is the first bonnet I’ve actually crafted and I’m really pleased with the results (considering I was making it up as I went along)!

The flowers in front are removable, I wanted to be able to make more flower clips to fit different coords. Yay DIY projects!